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When Should You Call Me?


As soon as the concept of paying for college enters your brain, we should talk.  In that brief conversation I can help determine the timing for creating a college funding plan.  The earlier you call, the better.  Options are more numerous, and you have more time to consider your decisions.

  • Freshman Year - The last year that income planning is generally possible

  • Sophomore Year - Merit Aid planning accelerates

  • Junior Year - School lists are developed, and early projections are more accurate

  • Senior Year - Final Calculations and Financial Aid Filing

The Initial Call 

  • Let me get to know your goals and fears

  • You get the chance to know me

  • Decide when to engage in the analysis


Most families contact me when they have a Junior in High School. Financial aid calculations use the prior prior year tax return so some planning options are not available. When your first child enters High School we should talk.

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