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Manage the Gap
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How Does this Business Work?

Open Relationships 

Every family has a unique situation and needs a customized solution.  It begins with basic data collection and analysis.  This leads to discussions about alternatives and concludes with the crafting your individual plan.  

  • Each Situation is Unique

  • Call Me or Text Anytime

Help You Understand the Process 

  • Detail the timeline for financial aid form filings

  • Analyze Your Current Situation

  • Project Net College Costs

  • Design a Road Map
     — estimated costs for getting all of the kids through college
     — review the five ways to pay for college
     — manage the gap between expected financial contribution and resources

Less than 2% of all families have saved enough money to pay for college for all of their children. The rest of us need a plan, and I would be pleased to create one for you.

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